Online Sport Bettor Shares Concern Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak


    The spread of the Coronavirus has remained the greatest curse for not just the betting industry, but also the Agents and bettors at large

    It’s been weeks now since the suspension of most football leagues including the Italian Seria A, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Germany Bundesliga, among several others. While football leagues are not the only one affected by the numerous suspensions; other sporting activities such as the NBA Basket Ball League, Hockey Leagues, Baseball Leagues, Rugby Leagues, and others have also taken precautionary measures– suspending their respective leagues–to help curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, a.k.a COVID-19.

    Consequently, the effect of the various suspensions on sports activities has also rippled down to sport betting platforms as well as beneficiaries from the respective platforms affected. Beneficiaries here refer to individual bettors across all platforms.

    It is no longer news that the betting industry remains one of the most industrious in recent times, and as such, the industry has recorded a huge amount of transactions in the past few years. While betting companies are making a huge sum of gamblers, a lot of smart bettors have also cashed out significantly in the same manner.

    That been said, what happens to the betting industry amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, considering that virtually all sporting activity has been put to hold? You can imagine how much revenue would have been made during this period, but for the sake of the numerous suspensions has been forfeited. Well, maybe the case is not totally bad for all betting companies, especially those who have the option of virtual betting; however, that doesn’t guarantee a massive revenue as much as live events.

    On the other hand, bettors or gamblers have also shared in this heavy burden of the COVID-19 outbreak, one way or the other. At least, those who solely depend on online betting for ends meet may have suffered a great deal in this unfortunate period. I mean, what happens to bet Agents who leave on this activity for daily bread? They do also hope that the end is near to the deadly virus. But in the meantime, it remains a sad story.

    I even heard some are currently betting on weather forecasts…How unbelievable some people can be tough. Like ‘There will be heavy rain by midday, Friday, 20th March 2020…Odds for Yes- 1.5; Odds for No- 3.5′ LOL.

    Popular betting sites have also adjusted to the current situation, and some even go as far as encouraging their customers to stick with virtual betting for the meantime. BetWay, for instance, wrote in a Twitter post that “This week, make sure you: – Sanitize your hands often as possible _ Cough or sneeze (if need be) only into the crook of your elbow _ Avoid touching your face at all cost – Check out amazing virtual sports deals, Stay safe…and bet online”

    Also, while BetWay is not the only company advising its customers to go virtual other betting companies are also doing the same in their various styles of campaign.

    Speaking to, a regular bettor whose name will be withheld for privacy reason shared his thought about the suspension of Live events (Games) in sports betting. According to James (Not the real name), the last few weeks have not been the best, since he has not been able to bet on actual games. “As no live match dey to play, na so so virtual games plenty pass, and e no fresh like the real deal abeg” James told one of our representatives.

    Speaking further on the matter, James explained how he feels towards virtual games, especially in this period. “ Now wey real games no dey, all those betting companies fit dey take this opportunity to dey cash out on virtual games… e go mean say people go dey loose wella” James explained.

    In a way, I feel James may be right, as there is absolutely no doubt that betting the company will want to make up for all the suspended live events on virtual betting, meaning that, the VB algorithm may not be as favorable as it used to be. What’s your thought on this? Please share in the comment section below.


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