OPay Launches OCar in a Beta Phase

The Opera-backed startup has just rolled out an additional service- OCar on its platform

Although not officially announced yet, the service which is currently in its beta was sighted on the general Opay platform during the previous weekend, and it hints at a ride-hailing service like that of Uber and Taxi. On the OPay general platform, there is now a section that reads- ‘OCar’-Beta, and assumably, it will offer similar services like Uber.

I haven’t taken a ride in the OCar yet, however, when I attempted to order for a ride– it appears that the feature is in use already, as I was able to see an estimated price alongside the in-app map that pinpoint the current location of nearby drivers.

Interestingly, the estimated prices seem to be more favorable than other ride-hailing services. On that note, I made a comparison with the existing Uber service, and it was way cheaper than I expected; I guess that is one of the entry strategies for Opay to take over the highly-competitive market.

The Images above compares the price estimate for the new OCar, and the already existing Uber Ride-hailing. One more thing that I noticed from the OCar is that it still makes use of the same map as ORide, so when you attempt to order for a ride– instead of seeing the vehicle images on the map, you would still see bikes instead.

We have reached out to OPay for more details about the latest development, but we are yet to get feedback at the time of writing this article. Currently, the service is only available in Lagos State, and will most likely extend to other states the moment it is out of the beta phase.



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