OPay’s Expansion Cuts Across Aba City


Founded by Opera, Opay has been on a journey of expansion lately, and its latest attempt is introducing ‘OTrike’, a tricycle hailing service, in the commercial city of Aba, southeast of Nigeria.

The Opera-founded startup embarked its journey back in 2018 as a mobile payment platform, and ever since, has been diversifying into other venture which recently includes Bike-hailing known as ‘ORide’ and most recently, Tricycle-hailing which it named ‘OTrike’. Apart from this two, it also ventures into other services like food delivery service, OFood.

While it has been operating for about a year now in Nigeria, the startup which was first hosted in the most commercial city, Lagos, is now on a mission to expand to other cities. A while ago, the company was able to launch it OTrike in Kaduna, Nothern Nigeria, and just again, it is setting its footprints in Aba as well, with the same OTrike that will be involving commercial tricycles (popularly referred to as kekes).

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For a start, the tricycle hailing service will be debuting in grand style by offering discounts for every trip less than ₦400 ($1.10) within the first month of launching (August). At that, anyone who uses the OTrike app can access any locatio =, regardless of the distance by having to pay just ₦20 ($0.055) while it costs ₦50 ($0.14) to get a private charter.

OTrike has, however, not officially stated its plan on expansion to other cites, but it looks like the giant startup will stop at nothing to achieve all its set goal which may also include cutting across all cities of Nigeria, especially haven recently secured a $50 million in seed funding. As a matter of fact, the seed funding was aimed at expansion, which will in return, strengthen OPay’s major business- mobile payment. At that, it only means the company will still make more moves to other s=citie in the nearest future.


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