Opera browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet is now official

Opera highly-anticipated cryptocurrency-based web-browser, ‘Reborn 3’ is now available for use by everyone

The Reborn 3 as it is been called, will feature an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, and according to the latest announcement, the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera computer browser will sync with the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera browser for Android. Opera says that this means wallet keys never leave the users’ smartphone, but rather within.

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The new opera will also require a two-way authentication, especially when you are focusing on the wallet. When a user needs to identify themselves or sign a transaction on the blockchain, they will get a notification on their phone. Unlocking the phone with a fingerprint will then confirm the said transaction.

Prior to the global launch of the new web browser, Opera once teased the same functionality sometimes in June last year when it added a cryptocurrency wallet to its Android-based web-browser. It made the news somewhat more official in August 2018 when it announced that this wallet would eventually reach desktop browsers.

Onward to September, same last year, Opera was testing the wallet with a select group of beta testers, until now that it is now reaching out to everyone around the globe.

“Previously this was available only in developer or beta and now all of our users will get access to the cryptocurrency wallet,” an Opera spokesperson told.

Users will also be able to browse blockchain applications by typing their addresses directly into the URL bar, Opera says. There is also a built-in virtual private network (VPN) that Opera claims are designed to obscure and protect user data from prying eyes.

If you are looking for a smarter way to trade your cryptocurrency online, then the new Opera browser may just be what you have been waiting for all along.

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