Why Opera Mini browser is the perfect data saver

opera mini browser

Opera Mini used to be the go to browser on most phones before the increasing presence of Smartphones stormed the tech market space. If you did not have that red round symbol on your phone, then you are sure you would not find surfing the internet as easy as it should be.

With the advancement on the phone space, most people prefer to use Google Chrome and other browsers and not the famous Opera Mini. Well for those who have forgotten about the browser, Opera is still alive and kicking in your App Store.  

On Google Play Store there is a clear margin between these two browsing Apps in terms of their downloads. While a billion users have downloaded Google Chrome, Opera Mini can only boast of a hundred million downloads. Perhaps nine hundred users have forgotten about the existence of this browser or have never heard of its data saving abilities.

Opera Mini has not been resting on its Oasis, a lot has changed since you last used the browser and this may just inspire you to get the browser running on your phone.

A click on the Opera Mini browser gives you an updated list of Local headlines without having to use the Google search option. You can also add news features based on your interest through the App’s customization feature in the setting section. This automatically means that Opera does not only offer you access to the internet, it gives you as much information as you would need to fit into the daily happening in your local environment.

Switching pages when browsing is so easy with Opera Mini. All you need to do is to click the page icon close to your home button while operating the browser and the rest is concluded.

Like other browsers, Opera Mini now has a user-friendly interface that also allows you go private when browsing. If you had dumped your Opera Mini because it stores your internet search in its history then its private tab does the trick for you now. It closes and wipes all browsing history immediately you shut down the App.

Interestingly, Opera Mini also has an OPay wallet feature that allows you buy airtime on your mobile phone or another phone directly from your bank account. All you need to do is to insert your phone number, select the amount, click on your card type and input other basic information and that solves the problem of not being able to recharge your phone with your bank App or Sort Code. This feature is unique to the Opera browser only.

When considering speed, Opera Mini is not as fast as Google Chrome. You have to be a really patient person if you  decide to make Opera your Smartphone’s default browser.

Relatively, the browser helps you compress internet files, which saves your mobile data. This means days when your network provider has sent that notification on your data in, it best to switch to this browser if you want to continue to enjoy your internet experience.

This App despite its downside of not being as fast as other Browsers has a plus of a no-advert inclusion feature when you open pages that have unnecessary Adverts that drain your data when you surf the internet. This simply makes the Opera Mini the best data saving browser you can switch to today.

Will you still use your Opera Mini despite it slower speed? Let me know your view in the comment box below.


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