Oxford Dictionary Adds Nigeria’s English Words To Its Lists Of Words


Interestingly, the Oxford English Dictionary has added some of Nigeria’s English words in its lists of words

The came after the uproar which followed the disqualification of “Lionheart” from the Oscars foreign feature category. This helped popularize Nigerian English to foreign counterparts.

On Twitter, On Twitter, people had a prolonged argument on how the tone of Nigerian English creates a clear gap between British or American.

The dictionary on their website wrote that “Nigerians have made, and are continuing to make, a unique and distinctive contribution to English as a global language.”  They also shared the 29 Nigerian-English words that are now “official.”

Here are the listed words:

  • Agric
  • barbing salon
  • Buka
  • bukateria
  • chop
  • chop-chop
  • danfo
  • to eat money
  • ember months
  • flag-off
  • to flag off
  • gist (noun)
  • gist (verb)
  • guber
  • Kannywood
  • K-leg
  • mama put
  • next tomorrow
  • non-indigene
  • okada
  • to put to bed
  • qualitative
  • to rub minds
  • sef
  • send-forth
  • severally
  • tokunbo
  • zone (verb)
  • zoning (noun)

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