Pakistan Plane Crash Claims Lives of Nearly a 100 Passengers

Jetliner with 99 passengers aboard crashed into a Pakistan neighborhood leaving a fatal impact

It is unfortunate that the plane- Airbus A320 crashed with scores of people aboard, however, the situation became even worse as the airplane crashed into a residential area close by to the Karachi airport- the expected destination of the passenger airbus.

The plane which belongs to ISLAMABAD, a Pakistan Airline has reportedly taken off from the eastern city of Lahore, and expected to touchdown at the Karachi airport before the unfortunate happened at around 2:37 pm, according to officials who were present on the ground.

Map of Pakistan highlighting Lahore and Karachi

Some of the passengers include military officers, a former parliamentarian, an executive of a major television news channel, prominent international bankers among others.

Carrying one of the injured.
One of the survivors of the crash being carried away from the scene. Source: TheNewYorkTimes

With almost nothing left of the salvaged aircraft, a few persons were lucky to survive the crash; The president of Pakistan’s largest lenders is one of the at least two survivors.

Cause of the Crash

As for the cause of the crash, the aviation company is yet to disclose specifically what may be responsible for the crash, however, information reaching us suggest that it is most likely due to a technical malfunction. An Airbus spokesperson has also acknowledged the awareness of the crash, although claimed investigation on the cause of the crash is still very much ongoing.

Airbus who is the planemaker expressed huge regrets, and further cleared the air by stating that it has been providing “full technical assistance” to the Pakistan authorities to date.

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Further investigation also revealed that the A320 Airbus has been in use since2004, although it became a property of Pakistan International Airlines only a decade later. Claims from reliable sources have it that the airplane has logged approximately 47,100 flight hours and 25,860 flight cycles as of the time of the crash.

Post-Crash Effect

As stated earlier, the plane left even greater damage around the vicinity of the crash; destroying homes and properties including eight-building with several cars among other valuables. The fact that it is happening in a time when Muslim brethren around the world are preparing for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the holy month of fasting is even more pathetic, given that the street is more crowded than usual around this time.

The plane was en route from the eastern city of Lahore.
Remains of the crash environment. Source: TheNewYorkTimes

Also, the crash is taking place days after the travel ban on local and international flights was lifted. A week extension would have saved the day, but no one would have predicted a horrible future like this. The crash also joins the list of air disasters in the country; the deadliest remains that of 2010 when an Airbus flying to the same destination as the latest crash lost control and crashed into hills, killing all 152 passengers aboard.

Again, this is but a condolence note to the family of the deceased. May they find the fortitude to bear the loss.


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