Porsche to commence production of its first edition of electric car next year

Motor sport, Porsche to commence production of its first edition of electric car next year

It’s no longer a secret that Tesla’s competition in the electric car market has been increasing significantly over the past couple years. The likes of General Motors, Nissan, and even Toyota have all come up with their own mass-market vehicles to take on Tesla’s Model 3. However, there aren’t many all-electric vehicle offerings that compete directly with Tesla’s high-end luxury cars like the Model S or Model X. The game will be more unpredictable and poses to change sooner than later, as the exclusive porsche motors have recently decided to commence the production of its first edition of purely-electric driven sports car in the coming year. the new production is said to dub the “Taycan,” which translates to “lively young horse,” according to the company.

porsch interior fittings
porsch interior fittings

Regarding under-the-hood performance, Porsche says the Taycan will feature two “permanently excited” synchronous motors that can put out up to 600 horsepower. This will enable the vehicle to reach 100kmh (62mph) in roughly 3.5 seconds, and 200kmh (124mph) in under 12 seconds. Porsche also claims the Taycan will be able to drive 500km on a single charge, which is about 310 miles – an impressive number for a modern electric vehicle. For the sake of comparison, Tesla’s top-end 100D Model S has a range of around 335 miles.

The company is fully invested in the electric car market as of recent, too, with plans to drop over 6 billion euros into “e-mobility” by 2022. Porsche plans to begin production of the first Taycan vehicles as soon as next year, though it’s not clear how much they will cost when they hit the market. But significantly the cost is expected to be worth the output of the production.

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