Pro Tips To Help You Speed Up Your Old Computer

You’re making use of an old computer does not mean it is no longer functional. You might have a new computer, but your old computer can still be sped up and explore its maximum potential. But that’s only if you’re still interested in making use of it.

However, if you still have any interest in making use of your old computer, here is how to speed it up;

  1. Clear the clutter

If you’re very observant about your devices, after the hardware of your computer, the next thing you might notice is the desktop. If you’re desktop is over loaded with numerous thumbnails, then you know you have a problem. If there are different files and applications that you no longer make use of, it only makes sense to delete them. simply right click, and click on the “delete” panel.

2. Ensure to keep your computer healthy

Just like your physical health, your computer health is also important. Ensure to keep it away or keep it clear of viruses and malware.

3. Out with the old!

A lot of people over load their computers with series of old files, documents and downloads that are not even in use anymore. These can slow down your computer big time! Keeping your files tidy is key. Make sure you delete everything that you no longer need on your computer.

4. Leave no crumbs behind

Are you aware that cache and cookies, track your internet activity? they are also temporary files your computer creates every time you visit a website, no matter the browser you’re making use of. Regular cleaning of these files will  ensure your system functions efficiently and is protected.

5. Try Updating your windows?

Many at times, using a computer that is not up to date can slow down the functionality of your system, especially if you’re using a windows computer. Windows updates itself all most all the time, so be in the know and be sure to update your computer to get the best out of it. You can’t be using a windows 7 and expect Windows 10 quality.

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