Programos Foundation Partners Global Digital Foundation to Speak on Africa’s Post COVID-19 Development

Programos Foundation will be partnering with Global Digital Foundation to speak on COVID-19 pandemic innovation development in Africa

Programos, a projentinor of Innovationbed.Africa and Global Digital Foundation, a platform for dialogue between policymakers, stakeholders, and scholars are collaborating on the webinar to discuss the innovation development of post-COVID-19 in Africa so that the Continent can help prepare for the future.

The presence of the Global Digital Foundation in Africa is to promote relevant Digital policy awareness and grassroots education in Africa. The webinar is scheduled for May 27, 2020, and themed “Digital Policy: The Post Pandemic Fabric for Innovation Development in Africa”.

Speaking on the upcoming webinar, Director Africa, Global Digital Foundation, and Progromos Founder, Emmanuel Amos said, the theme was selected has COVID-19 has exposed the last of strong digital policies in issues concerning Africa.

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“This Webinar is in line with the fact that COVID-19 has made it very clear that the world needs collective efforts in order to achieve global development and to achieve the UN SDGs,” Amos said.

According to Amos, the speakers will emphasize concerns regarding utilizing and promoting the opportunities given by digitalization, including regulation of digital, electronic communications, network, and information security, issues concerning broadband access among other things.

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