Qualcomm Developing A More Powerful Processor For Smartwatches

Snapdragon 8150 might be Qualcomm’s next high-end chip

Even though Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 hasn’t been seen in a lot of devices so far, a new report claims that the company is already working on a more powerful processor for smartwatches.

Wear 3100 was unveiled last year – it uses a 32-bit design with A7-based CPU cores and a 28nm node. The company had said that it was intentionally using the larger node for power saving since the chip could operate more efficiently in a low power state for a longer duration.

The report claims that Qualcomm’s new chipset for Wear OS devices is going to have 64-bit support with Cortex A53 CPU cores on the 12nm node. It may either be called the Snapdragon Wear 429 or the Wear 2700, it’s claimed.

The upgrade should improve the performance significantly for Wear OS devices, at least that’s what the expectation is on paper. The report adds that the current testing platforms for this chip are coupled with 1GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 8GB of eMMC storage.

There’s speculation that the new chip might just be a toned down version of the Snapdragon 429 mobile platform which has the same core designs and node size. It has been used for some mid-range Android smartphones and tablets recently.

Qualcomm hasn’t said anything concerning this at the moment yet, so take the information with a bit of salt until there’s more to go on.

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