Qualcomm’s Latest Ultrasonic Fingerprint to Read Two Fingers at Once


Qualcomm has surprised everyone by unveiling a futuristic feature that is capable of reading two fingerprints simultaneously

This was announced by Qualcomm who said the device is a second-generation fingerprint. According to the company, the device is a version of its ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. In a report by Engadget, the 3D Sonic Max can read two fingerprints at once for extra authentication.

The company has promised the device would improve reliability and security over existing optical in-display fingerprint readers.

General manager of mobile at Qualcomm, Alex Katouzian in an interview with CNET, noted that the new 3D Sonic Max would avoid screen protector problems due to the larger scanner size by capturing a clearer complete fingerprint when reading. According to the Katouzian, the reason for two simultaneous fingerprints help increase security options.

Katouzian added that scanning the fingerprints takes the same time as the old one. However, the company has not given details as to which companies will be using the 3D Sonic Max in devices, although there should be more news on that sometime in 2020.

The new sensor tends to address the first-generation 3D Sonic Sensor which was plagued by issues, including problems getting the smaller sensor to read prints accurately and slow speeds. The old sensor measured 4mm x 9mm, the new 3D Sonic Max is 20mm x 30mm or 17 times larger. According to Qualcomm, that should help solve most of the earlier problems.

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