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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Qualcomm To Roll Out Three 4G-Focused Smartphone Processors


Qualcomm’s is rolling out a trio of modern, 4G-focused smartphone processors, Snapdragon 720G, 662 and 460

This was announced by the company at a press event in New Delhi. According to the company, the three chipsets share the same characteristics.

The octa-core Snapdragon 720G which is the most powerful of the three chipsets will be aimed at the best phones. For those who do not know, the “G” in the chipset’s name focuses on gaming. This means that we should be expecting 10-bit HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the same anti-cheating measures Qualcomm built into the premium Snapdragon 855.

The chipset features Qualcomm’s Hexagon 692 DSP for on-device AI operations, having full support for 4K video recording and high-speed displays running at resolutions as high as 2520 x 1080.

For the Snapdragon 662, it feels like a dialed down version of the 720G, as it is also an octa-core chip. Its speed runs at around 2.0GHz and the X11 modem can only hit a limit of about 390Mbps down. According to the company, the 622 chipset supports new triple camera configurations with smooth switching between them, as well as storing images in the super-efficient HEIF file format.

Interestingly, the Snapdragon 460 makes uses of the same modem and lower-tier AI engine as the 662. The company faces serious competition from rival chipmakers like Mediatek, and smartphone makers who make use of their own homemade processors like  Samsung and Huawei.

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