Rather, MasterCard’s new ‘free trial’ policy is meant for physical goods


MasterCard seem to have successfuly misled a lot of internet users when it first stated that it is restricting auto-billing after ‘free trials’ on internet platforms

Just so you don’t celebrate a wrong victory, MasterCard has come out openly to re-address the widely spread news that talked about the company working on new card protection policy that restrict internet platforms from auto-billing card owners, moment after a free trial subscribtion. Just hours away from the initial announcement, the fintech company  has now updated its blog post about the new policy and it looks like it will only apply to physical products, not digital services as sighted in the first statement.

As sighted on a reliable source’s post, MasterCard has added a few phrases to its original post that denote the stipulations. “No one wants to be unsatisfied with a physical product after paying for it,” says MasterCard’s blog post. “For some consumers, a free-trial is a great way to test out a new product and get comfortable with it before making a purchasing decision. And with so many merchants offering free trials for physical products, they’re becoming the new norm.” The bold phrases are the new wording MasterCard has since added to the original post.

Of course, when you think of free trial subscribtion, what foirst come to your mind is the like of Netflix, MyPerfectCV, or probably streaming service like Spotify among several others. Now the company claims to be referring to physical goods companies like skin care products, Accesories, Gadgets, etc. which can also be subscribe to, especially for the sake of first time experience.  Further, when physical products are concerned, the products themselves serve as a reminder about the subscription whereas digital services can more easily be forgotten or overlooked. Therefore, it seems that MasterCard’s original announcement was a bit disingenuous, if not outright deceptive.

While we can’t really tell of what exactly the reviewed post is talking about, the company plans to add a footnote to its blog post clarifying its changes and what the feature really entails.

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