Re-live videos with Twitter’s new Timestamps option

Re-live videos with Twitter’s new Timestamps option

Twitter is introducing a feature known as Timestamps. This new feature will allow anyone to tweet a live video or replay a video at the exact moment they want it to. Say, your little niece just said her first words and you want to show that moment to your followers, all you need to do is use the scroll bar to select the time you want your followers to start watching. Then, you can add whatever description you want to tweet and share it. The video will start playing from the time specified for anyone who sees the tweet.

According to Twitter, the firm decided to introduce the feature after seeing users tweet live videos along with a specific time in the video they wanted to talk about. The feature also works for both ongoing live broadcasts and replays; users can also select the “live” button to skip forward to what you’re currently broadcasting. It’ll also work whether you’re sharing videos posted by publications and big companies or those by friends and simple people broadcasting with their phones.

Timestamps come as a simple feature that would make communication opinions or starting discussions with friends and followers a lot easier. The feature is rolling out today and it is available for live video tweets across the Android and iOS platforms, the Twitter browser site, and Periscope.

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