Reasons To Use Incognito Mode In Your Web Browser

Using Incognito in your browser doesn’t necessarily mean that everything you do on your browser is private. Your internet service provider can have access to your internet activity.

Although, Google Chrome made some changes to its internet security, but apparently, it might not be exactly what people might want.

Here are some of the reasons;

For signing into multiple email accounts

If you try to search your personal mailbox, it’s a hassle when you are logging in to another account. Use Incognito mode instead of using separate browsers, or signing in and out of your accounts.

Try to normally use your browser to sign in to your work email, then open an incognito window for your personal account.

For gift shopping

Every time you shop for a gift online, be it a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, you’ll want it to be a surprise. What could be more intriguing as a kid than seeing all those gifts wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning before tearing them open to find out what’s inside each?

Aimed ads can destroy those special moments if you don’t make purchases in Incognito mode. The thing is, when you shop for gifts online your browser pays attention to everything that you look for. Later, you’ll see ads pop-up on other sites that try to get you to come back to make the purchase even if you already bought the item.

Avoid auto fill suggestions in the future

Need to find instructions on a Website like YouTube for a DIY project? The web is perfect to know, these days, how to do almost everything. Need to know how to replace your car battery? No worries, lots of YouTube videos are available that will show you step-by – step instructions on how to do this.

But just once every few years, the need to change your car battery comes around. You really don’t want to

Getting out of your bubble

This one is particularly useful in place during this period of sheltering. Most definitely, over the last few months, you’ve spent far more time watching TV shows or listening to music than usual.

YouTube gives you suggestions, based on your viewing history, on what to look next. Start browsing new videos in Incognito mode if you decide to venture outside of your comfort zone.

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