How to recover a hacked email


Emails are meant to be personal, but sometimes like every other platform on the internet they are hacked by hackers who intend to use them for fraudulent activities or to ruin the image of the owner.

ne very good example is Hillary Clinton and her email leak saga which was as a result of hacking activities. Don’t get too worried about the activities of hackers as these steps will help you reclaim your email the moment you realise that you have been hacked.

Inform people you know

When you realise your email has been hacked, please inform your family and friends immediately before you take any other step. This will help all parties get through the period and process of email recovery properly. This will also help them put their emails under proper check to prevent such occurrence on their own account.

It will also help sustain your reputation, because hackers could go on to send malicious contents that will ruin your image with friends, families and associate if they have not been properly informed beforehand. So, save your image, inform your family, friends and associates when you realise that you have lost control of your email to hackers.

Run a Deep Scan on your device

The second step you should take when trying to recover your email from a hacker is to run an end-to-end antivirus scan on your computer. This will help you eliminate all forms of malware and unwanted applications from your device.

So, to get this done effectively you have to skip the Quick Scan option which is faster, for the slower and more effective Deep Scan option on your antivirus application. This owns to the fact that hackers can easily ruin your reputation, aside stealing from you, because they have control over your communication space, which should be properly guided.  Running a deep scan on your device is a way to be sure that your future information will be safe, else you would only be on the same path with new emails.

Password change

It is quite simple, once you are sure your computer is free of malwares, opt for a password reset. Choose a password that is totally different from the old one. Make sure it is not easy to guess, and has nothing to do with personal data like your: name, date of birth or basic random information about you, these are easy for hackers to crack. Your password should be as complex as possible and at least should be fifteen characters long.

Change your security questions

A hacker may gain access to your account through this route. So, it is important that you also change your security questions from things that could seemly appear to be general when people are asked. Try to personalise your questions, and answers. This will help you prevent hacking activities on your account. Employ other protective mediums and multifactor authentication that could link with your password access to other access points like a secondary email, or text message verification.

Report Hack.

It is only right that you inform your email provider about the hack, whether or not you lose your account access. This will not only enable you get information on the nature of the hack, and it will also help your service provider track the activities of the hacker, which in turn will save other users the stress of being hacked.

Create a new email.

Sometimes you could start afresh if you are sure picking up from where you were before the hack would not really matter to you. You could also just simply get a new email account, if that’s not the first time you have had to recover your email from hackers. All you need is to close the hacked account down, then create a new one and notify all your contacts.

Has your email ever been hacked? What steps did you take? Let us know in the comments box.


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