Refurbished iPhone X for sale

iPhone X wasn’t exactly a cheap smartphone when it arrived back in 2017 and if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on one of those, well, there’s now a new option for you to consider. Apple has now started selling the refurbished iPhone X for the first time. Apple is selling the 64GB and 256GB versions of the device through its online store.

Customers can purchase the 64GB and 256GB refurbished iPhone X from Apple for $769 (N278,000) and $899 (N325,000) respectively. They will have peace of mind that all of the refurbished units have been tested and repackaged by Apple and are backed up by one year of the company’s standard warranty.

All refurbished models also come with a new battery and outer shell as well as all manuals and accessories that you would expect to get in the box after purchasing a brand new device. That’s one major advantage of buying a refurbished model instead of a used one which will likely be a bit cheaper.

The iPhone X is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination even at these prices but when compared to the original $1,049 (N380,000) price tag, this offer is a good bang for the buck.

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