Researchers Wants Planes To Land Themselves On Any Runway


A group of researchers has just unveiled a new flight-assistant that will reportedly enable planes to land themselves on runways

It is amazing, how fast the self-driving car technology has grown over the years, especially giving that cars can now automatically park themselves or perhaps come meet you at a particular location, however, the same cannot be said of the Airplane industry.

Of course, limited autopilot features have been around for years now, but have they grown beyond ‘Standby Pilot’? the feature that allows a pilot to leave the steering while the plane moves on a straight line. What happens to features like ‘self-taking-off’ and ‘self-landing’ among other auto features.

Well, there might be a change in the narrative any moment soon, considering that a Team of researchers based in Munich have just finished an early development of a system called “C2Land”, according to the team, the system allows planes to land themselves without any input from a pilot (barring emergencies).

The team informed that the new system is developed based on the already existing automatic landing system which was initially built to only let planes self-land at selected airports that uses the Instrument Landing System (ILS), of course, only a few of them does.

In there explanation, the ILS requires an array of antennas to help planes land safely. The team also told that the system that serves as an alternative to the ILS, a satellite-based system is also underway, even though they will also require some form of “ground-based augmentation system” to function as well.

For now, the C2Land system has various limitations, and it includes the fact that smaller airports apparently lacks the tech to enable the system’s functionality, also, the Law still restricts pilot to manual landings alone. Another factor that may pose a limitation is various accidents that occur during touchdown or take-off, so it is considered to be a greater risk if such system rolls out right away.

On a contrary to all the disadvantages listed above, the C2Land enables planes to land virtually anywhere GPS Signal and “Optical Reference System” is been used, neither of which require any ground-based hardware to work effectively, hence making it a more reliable alternative than the traditional one that has been in existence, although in the oblivion.


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