Russia faults Google for failing to remove unauthorized websites


Russia is at it again, and they are accusing Google yet another time

The Russian Government has come to conclusion as regarding Google’s violation of its supposed law that supports the removal of a banned or unauthorized website. In a statement, spearheaded by Roskomnadzor, the state communications agency informs that the company had not connected to a database of banned sources in the country, leaving it out of compliance.

The Agency further fined Google the sum of $10,000, which I personally term as a ridiculous amount for a company of such magnitude. However, the reason behind the ridiculous amount is yet to be known, but maybe in the nearest future, more light will be shared on that.

Other sources also revealed that the country is reportedly planning to enact harsher penalties for tech companies that break its laws. Hence, the country may soon be able to fine firms up to one percent of their annual revenue in Russia is found to be in violation of Russian regulations. The law will also include fining companies up to 1 percent of annual revenue for failing to comply with similar laws. Russia has passed a series of laws in recent years that give the government more power to censor the web and has clashed with major websites like Wikipedia over the rules.

Haven said all of that, Google has had to make some concessions in order to remain compliant with Russian laws. Last year, in response to an antitrust ruling, Google began giving Android users in Russia the option of selecting Yandex,  for instance, as their default search engine, and in September, Google-owned YouTube pulled ads from a Russian opposition leader after state officials claimed the ads violated election laws.

Well, I think it’s becoming irritating seeing the like of Google concurrently existing on the Russian government’s penal list, anyways, that’s my opinion and it stands addressable assuming you have a contrary opinion or suggestion that can be shared in the comment section below.


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