Samsung 240HZ Gaming Monitor Will Be The First For The Brand

Literally, Samsung is no stranger to gaming monitors, however, not the kind that can top a gamer’s choice of priority

unveiling in a grand style, the Samsung 240HZ gaming monitor is the first of its kind for the company, and while this will mark a major difference from the previous lineups, it will help in fixing any trace of screen tearing artifacts assuming you have ever desired to eliminate such, especially when you’ve had to use AMD FreeSync.

The new Samsung gaming monitor host a  27-inch G-Sync display with a 240Hz refresh rate to deliver tear-free visuals as long as you have a GeForce GPU under the hood. Exactly what any gamer will desire. While the new monster was first sighted at the  E3’s PC Gaming Show, it almost took the spotlight.

Apart from the feature that has already been mentioned, every other thing remains normal with the Monitor. The CRG5 is a curved, 1080p display with a VA panel (that is, don’t expect IPS-level colors), a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and fairly standard ports that include two HDMI connectors, DisplayPort and USB-A. Really, this is all about gaming performance — everything else is secondary.

If you are already anticipating the gadget, then you will only have to wait for a little while more, as Samsung expects to ship the monitor sometime in July this year for a starting price of $400 (or 122,676 NGN).


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