Samsung ad reveals a smartphone with an unexpected all-screen design

Samsung shows a smartphone with a stunning design, slightly different from any that we’ve seen or heard about this year

Earlier this month, (wow, it seems like forever already since the product dropped) Samsung launched its Galaxy S20 series, refusing to go with every other number in-between 10 and 20. Well, we can say that the jump was fitting considering the number of upgrades and new features spotted on the device.

Following the launch, industry experts and tech analysts have made several speculations on what to expect on the Galaxy Note20 which is expected to be released sometime in august if the coronavirus pandemic does not affect the date. Based on speculations, not many features have been confirmed on the Note, however, all analysts have agreed on one thing which is that the Note20 is expected to feature a similar design to that of the Galaxy S20, but a new ad from Samsung reveals a smartphone with a slightly different design with no punch hole or bezel.

In an ad for Samsung’s new Wind-Free Air conditioner, the company shows how the AC can be controlled via a mobile device through SmartThings. Surprisingly, the device used in this ad was not the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy Note 10 but one that is totally estranged from any of the brand’s known product in terms of design.

Now let’s back up for a minute. What in the world is a Wind-Free Air conditioner anyway? We all know that, essentially, air conditioners collect hot air from a given space, processes it within itself with the help of a refrigerant and a bunch of coils and then releases the cool air back into the same space. Now that sounds simple, but the sound of a “Wind-free” air conditioner leaves me flustered and makes me wonder, how else could this work? What’s “wind free” going to feel like. Now let’s not delve too much. We’ll talk about that in the next post. However, with this mystery device in the picture, there’s more than one Samsung product to marvel at.

The device in the ad shows a bezel-less screen, with no punched hole for a front-facing camera. This complements news from well-connected Samsung insiders Ice Universe and acclaimed Korean site The Elec who stated earlier that Samsung will launch a device in 2020 with an under-display camera.

According to the Elec, the UDC (under-display camera) works by integrating a transparent display over the punch hole. This totally eliminates the need for a mechanized pop-up camera and takes away the notch and punch hole, allowing the display to stretch across every length and breadth of the device’s screen.

There are other likely explanations for the appearance of a device with an unfamiliar design. One of which could be that the device in the ad was a mockup made specifically to show the remote-control feature of the new product using the SmartThings app on a mobile device. Why Samsung refused to use any of its known devices remains a mystery. However, If this was a subtle teaser, then we might be in for a shocker this year.





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