Samsung and Apple finally settle their seven-year legal battle

Samsung and Apple finally settle their seven-year legal battle

Just when we all thought that the whole Apple and Samsung long-running legal battle was over, Samsung asked for a retrial just a couple of weeks ago because they felt that the damages they were told to pay Apple was unfair. However, according to new reports, it appears that both companies are now done with the lawsuit.

According to the Northern District Court of California, both Apple and Samsung have made a filing that they have agreed to both settle and drop the lawsuit against each other. The document reads in part,

Plaintiff Apple Inc. and Defendants Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc., and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC would like to inform the Court that they have agreed to drop and settle their remaining claims and counterclaims in this matter.

Apple and Samsung’s patent battle has been a back and forth battle since 2011 when Apple sued Samsung for violating design patents with their Android phones. Both companies countersued each other at every turn and in fact brought the fight to courts in countries around the world.

Although it is unclear what brought about this change of heart, however, we can all hope that this settlement will mend the relationship between both companies.

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