Samsung Devices With Its History Of Consistent Explosions

Samsung phones appear to have a history of blowing up and setting themselves on fire. And this goes way back, since 2016.

And this is somewhat strange because Samsung is one of the worlds most desired flagship phones, so consumers having an impression that their Samsung device might blow up in their face anytime is not good for brand image. The galaxy series have sold millions since its initial debut, but it appears not every Samsung phone launched is a success.

In 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames which prompted the initial termination of the unit everywhere.

Four years later, Samsung phones and proving too hot to handle now. Literally, can’t touch this.

A Californian man was shocked and uneasy to see black smokes and sparks coming out of this phone. The phone eventually melted. If you own one of these Samsung modes, do you think you should be worried?It's All About Me | Glint of LightSamsung Galaxy A20e bursts into flames.

Kenji Yanase of Montgomery Creek, California, had his Samsung A20e go into flames right after shutting down. However, the phone did not have any pre-existing conditions. A more in-depth investigation of the phone’s internals showed that the battery appeared to have overheated, hence the explosion and fire.

What exactly happened?

The phone screen went black out of no where, so the phone was opened to try and decipher what could have gone wrong. While the phone was in his hand, sparks kept popping up followed by hot flames.

Samsung has not given a statement yet, Although they have collected Mr Kenji’s phone for further investigations, as to determine if it is a general problem

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