Samsung Galaxy Buds wants to take the AirPods on

A trend we’re starting to see amongst smartphone manufacturers is the launch of headphones that feature true wireless connectivity. This means that unlike certain wireless headphones that still feature a cable that connects the earbuds together, we’re seeing more earbuds that follow in the footsteps of the AirPods by doing away with cables entirely.

Just like the rumour mongers had earlier speculated, Samsung has since officially launched its own take on the wireless earbuds in the form of the Galaxy Buds. These are a set of true wireless earbuds that Samsung claims to offer sound by AKG. It will also come with features like Enhanced Ambient Sound which means that the wearer can still hear ambient sounds around them even when the earbuds are on, which might be useful if you plan to wear them when you’re out walking about.

The earbuds will also come with Adaptive Dual Microphone where there will be one microphone on the inside, and one on the outside so that voice can be delivered clearly. Samsung is claiming that these earbuds will feature up to 6 hours of Bluetooth streaming and will come in a charging case that will offer an extra 7 hours of battery.

The case itself also supports wireless charging, meaning that users will be able to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s reverse wireless charging feature. The Samsung Galaxy Buds will be launched on the 8th of March, 2019 where it will be priced at $130 (N47,000).

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