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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Samsung Galaxy Fold To Start Selling In South Korea On September 6


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is again, ready to make a first impression

-The foldable device will be available starting from tomorrow, 6th of September in South Korea

-The device will be 5G-compatible in some selected market, while in other locations, it will be LTE-compatible

Barely five months after it first attempted to launch, the Galaxy Fold is officially ready to set foot in the mobility market, and as promised by the Korea-based phone maker, the device will officially debut in its home country, South Korea, starting from tomorrow, 6th of September.

The Fold will launch with support for both 5G and LTE connectivity, although, the 5G carriers will only be available for selected markets for a start, while the LTE versions will be available for other locations, especially those that don’t support the 5G network just yet.

Starting at 2,398,000 won, or about $2,000 US, the 512GB 5G-compatible Galaxy Fold will be the only available version in South Korea, where the sales of the foldable device will kickstart. As a matter of fact, some carriers such as SK Telecom and LG U+ have commenced pre-sales already with deliveries slated for tomorrow. Also, overall sales will fully commence in all outlets in SK tomorrow.

To ensure that people don’t lose trust in the product, especially as a result of the faulty display that led to the initial delay; the company has set up a  Fold Advantage+ program that promises to cover 70 percent of display repair costs, once a year. I guess with this kind of approach, people won’t be skeptical about the purchase of the device.

About the general availability of the device, a previous announcement suggest that we can expect the device “in the coming weeks” in two colors: Cosmos Black and Space Silver, however, the info doesn’t mention anything about 5G or screen replacements for users in other locations. That, we can wait for more details in the coming weeks.

Also, to justify the high starting retail price-$2,000, the Premiere Service adds 24/7 direct access to Samsung experts for “tailored guidance and support over the phone.” They can even help you set it up for the first time with a one-on-one session designed to highlight its special capabilities.

One more thing, don’t expect the Fold to come with the latest Android 10, but rather the Android Pie. Maybe, going forward, users will be allowed to update to Android 10, considering that final version is still yet to be available for general devices other than the Google Pixel, and the Essential devices. That been said, you will notice on the Fold, a tweaked protective layer across its 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen, a reworked hinge that keeps debris out and some additional metal layers to reinforce everything.

For now, I guess that’s all the details we have about the Galaxy Fold launch, but you can watch out for more details/update on this particular post.

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