Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Have A 3-Stage Variable Aperture System

As far as smartphone hardware goes, it feels like it has plateaued, which is why many companies are now focusing more on their cameras. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of advancements are still being made today.

Now, it seems that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be a smartphone to look forward to if you enjoy mobile photography. This is because according to a report that claims that the Note 10 could be spoting what is being called a 3-stage variable aperture system with f/1.5, f/1.8, and f/2.4.

For those unfamiliar, the aperture is what determines how much light is let in, so the lower the aperture, the more light gets let in, which is useful when trying to take photos in low-light or in bokeh effect.

At the moment, Samsung’s flagship smartphones already employ a dual-aperture system so it’s not exactly new, but now this rumor claims that we might be able to expect three different apertures. We’re not sure how exactly they will be implemented, but having more options to choose from is always a good thing.

The Note 10 is expected to be announced in the coming months where a leaked Verizon roadmap has suggested that an August launch is possible. Take this with a grain of salt but check back with us soon for more details.

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