Samsung Galaxy Note 10 May Be Another Device With Up To 1TB Storage

Just ahead of its August launch, more leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 keeps surfacing on the internet

The latest leaks of the Galaxy Note 10 includes a clearer image of the device, and more technically, the built-in storage capacity of the device. As we have confirmed in a previous article about the Note 10, the device will reportedly come in three variant, which also includes a 5G edition.

According to a new report, the 5G edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will have 256GB base storage, while buyers will be able to pick up models with 512GB and even 1TB built-in memory depending on needs. In addition to that, the RAM capacity of each variant of the Note 10 will be tied to the choice of storage, although the top-specced model will have 12GB of RAM and 1TB storage.

This situation, assuming it is anything to go by will be similar to that of S10+, only that in its own case, it packs almost 500GB more than that of the top-specced S10+ that currently stands at 8GB RAM and 256/512GB storage, but note that it lacks a microSD card, which means, it is not expandable. It’s not clear if this will carry over to the 5G version of the Galaxy Note10.

The LTE versions of the Note 10 are also not left out in the game as they will pack as much storage as the 5G version, only that in their own case, the base storage will stand at 256GB, and 1TB maximum, while the base Note10 will start at 128GB storage.

Another leak also suggests that the Galaxy Note10 versions will reportedly use ceramic, though it’s not clear if this will be exclusive to the 5G model or available to the LTE phones as well. Of the S10 lineup, only the Galaxy S10+ has an optional ceramic back.

While none of this leaks is expected to be taking to heart, we can simply wait until 7th of August when the device is slated to launch to further confirm the originality of the various rumors.


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