Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders could begin February 21


Samsung has confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will be officially launched on the 20th of February. However, there is the question of when will the phone be available for pre-order? Turns out pretty soon after the announcement, at least according to a new discovery that claims the event revealed that pre-orders could begin on the 21st of February.

However, it is worthy to note that this is probably because the date is for Southeast Asia which is about a day ahead of Samsung’s Unpacked event. It also lists the pre-order date as the 22nd of February, which takes into consideration the time difference, means the 21st of February for other markets.

No word on pricing just yet, although if previously leaked pricing is any indication, the phones will not come cheap, not even the alleged budget model. In fact, the rumours of a 1TB Galaxy S10+ model are saying that it will be downright expensive, so maybe now it’s a good time to start saving up your money for it.

The rumours are claiming that we can expect at least three variations of the Galaxy S10, where one will be the budget/lite model, while the other will be the regular version of the Galaxy S10, and the other will be the Galaxy S10+. There are rumours of a 5G Galaxy S10, but whether or not we’ll see that announced is unclear.

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