Samsung Galaxy S10 surfaces in new red-hot color scheme

Samsung Galaxy S10 is still trending on the net, and while it is still serving so much sauce, a new leak suggests that the device is getting a new color scheme

This is quite good news for those who would prefer the new red-hot color scheme over others, and perhaps you haven’t made a purchase of the device yet, then this is definitely the best time to make such moves (assuming the leak is genuine). Anyways, that doesn’t stop you from purchasing a second device assuming you have got some bucks to spend on miscellaneous.

According to a reliable source, the new color scheme will be officially called “Cardinal Red”,¬†and it also confirms the color scheme adoption for both Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, which is expected to roll out any moment soon. What is still not clear is whether the device with the new color scheme will be sold for the same budget as other S10 series. Also, there is no exact date for the release of the new color scheme, however, it shouldn’t take forever, especially when the company is planning other launches in the nearest future.

One thing that may also be a concern about the release of the new color scheme is the location at which it will be released. There is a high possibility that the new color will be limited to selected areas- at that, it may lead to extra effort in the purchase of the device for some other potential buyers.

If this leak is accurate, it would bring the total number of S10 colors up to five (5)- White, Black, Green, Blue, and the new Red (if we go by the leak). S10 Plus, on the other hand, will be rising to 7 with an extra ceramic white, and ceramic black in addition to the previously stated color for S10.

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