Samsung Galaxy S20’s Faces Uphill Battle Against iPhone 12 and Googles Pixel 5

In February, the Korean company unveiled three expensive phones beginning at $999 and finishing at $1399 that crammed-in with every function and specification you might imagine

The price of the S20 range was not only pushed up by a 5G connectivity, but also the addition of a new camera setup and an expensive processor. That been said, the preciously launched Samsung devices arrived right before the worst of COVID-19 took root – however, tech companies have not only had to battle its effect on production but also on revenues.

Now we’re seeing how those same tech firms respond. Apple could keep the price of its 5G iPhone 12 entry-level at the same price as its non-5G iPhone 11. Google might use a cheaper Pixel 5 processor to bring the price to below $700.

While Microsoft has knocked $50 off its Surface Earbuds, Apple is considering slashing prices for AirPods and the Pixel 4a will be $50 cheaper than anticipated.

Although Samsung is not cautious about investing in sales and discounts, the hardware is the concept of high-end. It’s renowned for its premium smartphones – so it’s not likely to look like a heavily discounted 5 G Note 20.

One new aspect of those speculated specs has captured my eye: the battery size of the Note 20 based on details contained in China’s 3C classification database. The site deduced that the amount of the battery model presumably corresponds to a 4300mAh battery in the smaller of the two forthcoming Note phones (the other being Note 20 Plus), as stated by SamMobile:

“The battery carries model number EB-BN980ABY, which has a rated capacity of 4,170mAh, and that is different from the 4,000mAh capacity that was revealed last month. Even the Galaxy Note 10+ had a rated battery capacity of 4,170mAh, but Samsung marketed its typical capacity as 4,300mAh, which means the company will do the same with the Galaxy Note 20.”

This, if correct, offers us a little glimpse into how Samsung aims to fend off the newly-cheap rivalry – by optimizing the other aspect that’s essential to customers besides price: battery life.

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The alleged battery Note 20 is considerably bigger than Note 10 (3500mAh), far greater than the iPhone 11 (3110 mAh) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (3969 mAh). This is, therefore, larger than the Pixel 4 XL (3700mAh) and the Galaxy S20 (4000mAh), but it isn’t smaller than the 5000mAh of the revolutionary S20 Extreme.

Here, Value for money is not the only concern, but what you get for that quality as well. That’s why OnePlus phones are often a better gamble once it comes to value for money: concentrating on performance with large volumes of RAM and streamlined apps ensures that the smartphone stays powerful long beyond the update period of 12 months.

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