Samsung Galaxy Watch makes an appearance on Samsung’s website

Samsung Galaxy Watch makes an appearance on Samsung’s website

Samsung has a new wearable in the works according to the rumour mill, but in terms of design, it was still pretty much anyone’s guess until now where it appears that Samsung might have accidentally revealed the upcoming device on their very own website.

According to a new discovery, Samsung’s website briefly gave us a first glimpse of the upcoming wearable device. It shows the upcoming device pictured alongside the Gear S2 and also confirms that Samsung will be dropping the Gear branding in favour of the Galaxy branding, but whether or not it could abandon Tizen OS in favour of Google’s Wear OS remains to be seen.

As for the design, it seems that Samsung hasn’t really made that many changes on the front which is good or bad depending on whether or not you liked the older design. However, the website only shows the 42mm variant, which also indicates that the watch could be offered in more than one size.

Either way, we should find out soon enough in the coming weeks as Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled on the 9th of August, and many already speculate that the Galaxy Watch will be announced alongside it.

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