Samsung launches its wild range ‘Smart thing tracker’ device

Finding lost items is made easy with Bluetooth search which is an available feature for quite a number of Bluetooth items tracker

This devices however, would have been a much delighting device If they can work without an active network connectivity which is a common problem with most Bluetooth trackers in the market. However, Samsung might have a better approach to the problem. It is launching a ‘SmartThings Tracke’r that uses low-power LTE-M data to share its location where Bluetooth and other technologies won’t have the range. You could track your backpack even if you only remembered it when you got home.

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As the Smart things implies, the Samsung tracker, other than keep tab on lost gadgets, the smart thing hub can multi-function as a sensor that can detect other smart things around it, as well as serve as a control switch , like putting on electronic devices such as smart TV, Smart AC, Smart sockets e.t.c. You can also alternately set up geo-fencing alerts to warn when a tracker leaves a given area (say, your dog escaping the backyard) or send a location to friends and family by double-tapping the power button.

You are going to have to pay more for the Samsung device with a software app, although not for an extravagant price as you may think, but a price that sets you back as much as $99, an up front with a year of free service when it reaches AT&T on September 14th (a Verizon counterpart is due later in 2018), but a later payment of $5 per month or $50 per year to maintain the LTE-M connection after that. This is for people, pets and must-have belongings where the subscription is easily worth the peace of mind it brings to the table.

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