Samsung could bring iTunes to its TVs this year


We aren’t far gone into 2019 and the year is already filled with surprises, thanks to Apple and Samsung

The rival duo has decided to team up in a new production; one that has the iTunes movies and TV Shows app added to Samsung’s Smart TV range in 100 countries.

According to a source that is familiar with both parties, it revealed that Samsung Smart TVs will now come with iTunes pre-loaded on any of its new products launching this year, and a firmware update will bring the app to TVs from 2018. The announcement comes right after an initial statement that informs of Bixby and Google Assistant inclusion. Samsung also noted that iTunes will work seamlessly with its onboard search, which means that There is a lot to expect from the next generation of Samsung TVs.

While that is not all to expect from the tech giant, the lineup will support AirPlay 2 in 190 countries, enabling iPhone and iPad users to cast content to their Samsung smart TVs. Amazing right? but, I don’t know if am the only one who thinks some change of policy will have to play in this matter, considering that, Apple has a strong policy that traditionally restricts its software and services to its own range of hardware. However, with dwindling revenues and poor iPhone sales, the company is looking for more ways to earn money through its web of services. The Cupertino-based tech giant is rumored to be launching a streaming service with content produced in-house later this year as well. It’s possible that the iTunes movies and TV shows app will be revamped to include this in the near future, so it may not be an entirely fictional story after all.

With all said already, it is still a bit difficult to know how this will sound on users of Apple devices with strictly apple contents. Well, I guess that’s a consideration for the future.


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