Samsung may have found solution to its faulty Galaxy Fold


Samsung has had a rough time ever since the Galaxy Fold flopped barely a week to its sales

The South Korea-based phone maker was disappointed by the response it received from the reviewers of its Galaxy Fold just ahead of the sales. The internet was filled with rage after the discovery of the faulty device, especially from those that have made pre-orders already, having received a notification for the rescheduling of the device shipment.

Now,  according to a Korean media outlet, the company seems to have implemented some improvements and is currently testing the units with mobile carriers in South Korea. While this sounds pretty much like good news, especially to those who still haven’t canceled their orders, the company is yet to announce a new shipment date for the Galaxy Folds.

If you are not aware of what went wrong from the onset, then here is a take for you. During the first week of review of the Galaxy Fold, some units’ screens cracked or were damaged because reviewers peeled off the protective layer above the screen. Samsung failed to effectively communicate that the protective layers shouldn’t be removed. There were also issues with the sturdiness of the hinge holding the two parts of the screen. This eventually forced the Korean giant to cancel all pre-orders and further postpone the launch.

Well, this problem may have been fixed, after all, the South Korean source suggests that with new units, Samsung has integrated the display’s protective layer inside the screen to prevent people from tearing it off. Plus, it has filled that gap near the hinge to avoid debris getting inside the device and damaging components. According to sources, the Korean phone maker will release the device early next month as against the initial prediction of the end of the month of May.

Even with the fix in place, there is no doubt that the people purchasing the device will still have to deal with natural worry about the longevity of the device. For me, I think I wouldn’t mind for a second batch before considering buy one. What do you think of the Galaxy Fold even if the problem is eventually resolved?

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