Samsung, Tecno, Apple, Others Ranks top on Africa’s Most Admirable Brands’ List

    Powered by Africa Practice in partnership with brand Africa network, Samsung, Tecno, Apple tops the list of admirable electronic brands in Africa

    In a virtual conference hosted by AfricaPractice- a strategic advisory firm—via Zoom; several brands were ranked based on the preference of Africans to arrive at a top 100 most admired brand in the continent.

    Although mixed, the list spots brands from different sectors including Sport and Fitness, Electronics/computer, Luxury, Non-alcoholic beverages, Telecoms, General Technology among several others.

    In this article, our major focus is on Technology, Electronics/computers, and Telecoms. Below is an image highlighting the top 10 brands, category, country of Origin, and percentage change in rankings over a period of one year.

    Source: AfricaPractice

    As seen in the above chat, Samsung, although it came third on the list leads the category of electronic/computer, with Tecno, and Apple following up respectively although generally ranked at 5th and 6th position on the list respectively.

    Likewise in the category of a telecom provider, MTN maintains the lead position although falls on the 7th position of the most admirable brand in Africa. Airtel who came second in this category ranked 10th on the general list.

    Unlike the electronic/computer category, all telecom brands on the list of acclaimed origin from African countries. On the flip side, Samsung, Tecno, and Apple have their origins outside of Africa. Another interesting thing to note here is how Samsung goes above Tecno to become the most admired electronic/computer brand where Tecno appears to be the most sort after.

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    Although the Transsion brand under which Tecno brand operates, appears to be more dominant in the Africa smartphone market share with over 50% unit share in 2019; Samsung solely claims approximately 30% share unit for the same period justifying its position on the rank.

    Some of the brands that missed the spotlight this year include OPPO and Infinix under the Electronic/computer category; Globacom, and 9mobile under the telecom category. Again, the brands’ rankings are not judged based on sales or other financial metrics but based on Africans’ preference.

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    […] Samsung, Tecno, Apple, Others Ranks top on Africa’s Most Admirable Brands’… […]