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Samsung Temporarily Shuts Phone Factory Amidst Coronavirus Spread

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The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak have rather persisted in the last couple of days, and a growing death toll of infected persons has been reported in South Korea, forcing the Mobile giant to shut its operation for the meantime

After the first report of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in Daegu, South Korea, people have resulted in taking precautionary measures, especially as the death toll continues to climb. Consequently, people have been avoiding crowds, as well as going to public places such as retail outlets/stores.

While this has impacted the country’s economy negatively, the mobile phone giant, Samsung have also shut down one of its phone factories in Gumi following a confirmed case of a factory worker testing positive to the COVID-19. According to the company, the doors of the factory will remain closed until the 24th of February, and except for other reasons may be postponed to a later date.

Also, the company has instructed the workers’ associates to undergo a self-quarantine while all of them will be tested for the virus after the factory door is been opened again.

That been said, the company also informed that other production factories including chip and display factories weren’t affected by the temporary closure, giving that they are both located outside of Daegu- the heart of the Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea, however, necessary measures will be put in place for workers at the various locations.

The Closure of the Gumi plant would also mean slim sales of the company’s high-end products including foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Fold. As such, Samsung isn’t the only brand facing the same setback; Apple recently warned of iPhone shortage in the mobile market due to the same Covid-19 outbreak; that’s aside halting its production temporarily at some point. Just like during the SARS period, the Coronavirus reign will also pass, hopefully soon.

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