Samsung To Drop Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Tech

Samsung is known for its innovative smartphones which have always helped them maintain a foot in the mobile market

At a time when the in-display Finger Print was becoming a trend in the smartphone market, Samsung decided to join the race by introducing the Qualcomm in-display fingerprint in their Galaxy S10 and Note 10 as a more reliable alternative. However, it came as no surprise to many who were already used to the feature on competing smartphones already.

Regardless, the Samsung loyalists were least bothered as they still embraced the feature until critical security glitches were discovered in which any fingerprint was said to unlock the device.

At first, Samsung seemed unbothered as they still infused this feature in subsequent products despite lingering concerns, making sure to avoid such occurrence.
Despite that Samsung immediately fixed the issue and prevented it in subsequent products.

In an attempt to prevent potential threats against the company’s reputation as a result of glitches caused by the current Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Technology– Samsung is reportedly abandoning the feature completely in its new products.

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