Samsung To Fix Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Bug As Soon As Next Week (Update)

As a follow-up on the recent news about a bug that attacked the S10 fingerprint, the S. Korea- based phone maker has informed that it is planning to release a patch update for its phones’ in-display fingerprint sensors as early as next week

Prior to now, a series of Samsung Galaxy S10 users have taken to the net to let out their complaints about a bug that is allowing any fingerprint to access their devices’ biometric system. Although, it was later noticed that the issue is mainly as a result of the use of third-party screen protector by some users.

However, Samsung after it had acknowledged the flaw, says that it plans to roll out a patch specifically for the Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensors as early as next week. Also, it added in the report that the biometric security method could be rendered useless by certain screen protectors, and as a result, advised that people stick to Samsung’s own kit for the main time.

The issue relates to some “silicone screen protecting cases and affects the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G, as well as the or Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus” Samsung noted. That according to the company could also interpret that the phones’ ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is incorrectly reading 3D patterns in the screen protector as fingerprints, hence, granting access to random people.

As stated in the previous post, it is primarily advisable for all S10 users to stick to facial unlock or other types of lock mode, however, in its latest response Samsung suggested that users should remove the third-party cover, delete any previously-registered fingerprints, and then re-register them without the cover applied. Hopefully, that could be of help, pending the time that the company will roll out the patch update.


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