Samsung Unveils New Smartphone With Archaic Design


Samsung’s newly unveiled-flagship is not only unique for its archaic design but also comes with a modern software

Samsung has been dishing out a lot of fragile smartphones lately, and in a bit to make things less complex than it already is, more of balancing the situation; the Korea-based phone maker has decided to offer users something different, and a little backward as most people will say. Backward in the sense that, the company has decided to build on one of its old favorites, although to be a stronger model this time around.

If you familiar with phones, then, maybe you will be able to remember Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover line of mid-range smartphones with robust designs, respectable specifications, and reasonable price points, if you don’t, we don’t owe you any blame likewise, but you can always go back in time to confirm via Google.

The rugged Android handset family never enjoyed the same aggressive advertising treatment as the company’s most recent flagships or even its more “mainstream” mid-end products. Besides, the world’s largest mobile device vendor appeared to give up on the series altogether after 2017’s Galaxy XCover 4. Well, now is the time for resurrection, so if perhaps you missed out on the initial model, then the new rugged version is the ride to take.

Samsung officially unveils new rugged phone with modern software and archaic design Samsung officially unveils new rugged phone with modern software and archaic design

While there is basically not much difference between the new XCover 4s and its predecessor, it rather packs more of the rugged look, alongside a modern software, which stands it out exceptionally. Just like you would think, the new XCover 4s comes with the exact same massive screen bezels and a trio of physical buttons located below the 5-inch TFT HD panel with 1280 x 720-pixel resolution and a “traditional” 16:9 aspect ratio. Measuring 9.7 mm in thickness, the Xcover 4s packs the same 2,800 mAh battery as its forerunner as well, while naturally providing a decent upgrade in the processing power department.

For mobile gurus, it may also please you to know that the modern Xcover 4s also comes with an octa-core Exynos 7885 SoC that takes the quad-core Exynos 7570’s place while running the overall performance. The device will reportedly run on the previous Android 9(pie), although in a stable version in its own case. Users will also get to enjoy up to 3GB RAM for what should be decent multimedia, multitasking, and casual gaming setup.

Talking about the camera credibility, the Galaxy Xcover 4s comes with an improved 16MP f/1.7 rear-facing camera, while picking on its predecessor’s IP68 water and dust resistance and military standards-compliant rugged build. That essentially means this rugged badass device (I suppose) should be able to withstand quite a bit of abuse, including drops, shocks, and exposure to extreme temperatures, without flinching.

Now you would care to know about the pricing and availability; The device will first roll out in Italy next month for a start at a recommended price of €300 ($340 or 104193 NGN), that been said, the device may, however, be restricted in some territories, but which exactly cannot be figured at the moment.

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