Samsung wants Bixby in all of its products by 2020

Samsung wants Bixby in all of its products by 2020

As days and months roll by, more and more companies are beginning to use AI and AI-like features, therefore it is not surprising to hear that Samsung wants to integrate AI into all of its products. This was revealed by the company in a report from The Wall Street Journal where the company plans to put AI features and internet connectivity onto all its products by 2020.

Speaking to the publication, Samsung Consumer Electronics CEO Kim Hyun-suk said that he expects that AI features to be integrated into all of Samsung’s products by 2020. The CEO also revealed that they are building up a huge team of AI engineers which also includes reassignments for some staff members.

What’s interesting is that Kim seems to think that if AI were to be built into all of its products, or at least more products, then the need for smart speakers might be less important. As it stands smart speakers are one of the main ways in which users interact with AI to control other smart objects around their homes.

AI, which drifts into nearly every industry, is still in its early stages, meaning there is still room for the Samsung strategy to work and effectively compete with other key players in the industry. However, till this move is integrated, we can only fold our arms and watch as this unfolds itself.

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