Samsung’s next flagship may bury the selfie camera beneath the screen


What’s next for Samsung selfie camera? I guess a buried camera beneath the phone screen or probably a pop-up camera like that of Oppo Find X, otherwise, I may just be totally wrong

Well, I may not be totally wrong with my guess, as the vice president of Samsung display R&D group, Yang Byung-Duk, informs that the mobile company is working on making the entire front of its phones a screen, with no need for bezels or a camera cutout of any kind. “though it wouldn’t be possible to make (a full-screen smartphone) in the next 1-2 years, the technology can move forward to the point where the camera hole will be invisible, while not affecting the camera’s function in any way.” Yang informed.

While the comment came in less than a month after Samsung announced its latest flagship, the Galaxy S10, which is the company’s first phone to have a “hole-punch” cut out from its display for the selfie camera, the company may have had plans for a screen-buried kind of selfie camera. The hole-punch camera is referred to as the Infinity-O display, and it marks a ‘milestone’ for the Korea-based tech giant. However, Yang suggested that the company have active plans to place the selfie camera under the display itself, removing the need for any cut-out or pop-up mechanism.

Cases, where Samsung informs about featuristic plans much earlier before the actuall production, are rear, and it makes this kind of information a kind to believe, at least to hold onto before there is any visible fact or patent to back it up. Also, this is not the first time Samsung has teased about plans to produce an all-display device. According to a presentation by Samsung, sometimes in October last year, the company said it was working on four interrelated technologies to maximize screen sizes; under-display fingerprint scanners, under panel camera sensors, haptic display technologies, and in-display speakers (similar to the LG G8’s vibrating OLED screen).

That been said, it is difficult to see Samsung leading a kind of innovation, rather they have always been the brand that brings to the market, the better version of already existing innovations; Talking of the on-screen finger display, Notch screen, Full-screen, and even the hole-punch selfie camera. Now when the company is teasing of an under-screen camera, then it may be the company’s first led innovation, as there is literally nothing of such yet.

Yang doesn’t give any further details on when Samsung’s “perfect full-screen” phone might be ready, except to say it won’t be ready within the next one or two years. Whether that means they’ll be ready in three or thirty years is anyone’s guess, however, holding to the hole-punch until then is never a bad idea.




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