Samsung’s Q4 report shows a 38% profit slope


Samsung has no doubt, achieved quite  a lot in the previous year, although not without a taste of difficulties during its four quarters

A Quarter four (Q4) report has just been pushed out by the company and it’s not totally a success, as the review shows a 38% profit downfall. Despite the fact that the tech giant had a series of record-breaking quarters, it has managed to incur a bit of loses during the Q4 as seen in the post by the Korean company.

In the press review, Samsung said the expected consolidated sales are approximately KRW59 trillion, while the operating profit should be around KRW10.8 trillion. These numbers are down respectively 38% and 10% from the previous quarter, while on a yearly basis, sales declined 28% and profit is down 10%.

The company traditionally posts full detailed results in the last week of the month, following the quarter. The results might look tough, but back in October, Samsung said this is expected and 2019 will probably bring more of the same as the demand for memory chips returns to its pre-2017 levels.


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