Samsung’s rollable TV could be the perfect art work you desire


The 2019 CES event is fast approaching and it seems like the big tech guys are all ready to give it there best

Few months after LG announced its new generation gadget, a rollable TV with OLED screen that is set for commercialization; one could easily tell that Samsung also could be interested in a similar pursuit, after a publication from the electronics giant hit the net recently. A patent showcasing what looks like Samsung’s version of rollable TV has just been sighted and its an amazing engineering work.

The two companies have done a great job in terms of how the new gadget will work, although, each company has quite literally gone in different directions with respect to how the rolling of displays should be done. Unlike LG’s OLED offering, Samsung’s patent is for horizontal rolling displays.

A vertical structure on each side of the display holds each end. The first tower contains the majority of the display on a roller, while the second exists mainly for mechanical support. It is a significantly different challenge to get a flexible display to remain flat across a horizontal plane compared to a vertical installation.

In order for Samsung to keep its display flat, a central support behind the display is implemented. When the display is fully retracted into its support towers, the center support can fit neatly behind the two rollers. This is quite different from LG’s concept which sees the screen rolled into a compartment by a single roller. Also, rather than just fold into a home, Samsung prefer to focus on making the after effect of the folding to look more like art work, making it look natural in a way.

While this is still not news yet one could expect the CES 2019 to be a very eventful edition. Of course, this is just a concept and not a direct indication that a product will ever have this feature, but it seems reasonable for a TV with a five-figure price tag to have the option. Its still not clear if any of these ideas will ever make it to market. However, CES 2019 should bring further clues as to where rollable displays may be useful, and if people can actually afford them any moment soon.

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