Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch could be called Galaxy Watch Active


For the longest time ever, Samsung has used the Gear name for its wearables and smartwatches. However, the company switched it up and started using the Galaxy name for its devices last year. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Samsung might have a new smartwatch that could also be using the Galaxy name.

According to a new report, it seems Samsung has a new smartwatch in the works that could be launched as the Galaxy Watch Active. We can only assume that this device is a variant of the Galaxy Watch launched last year, and with the Active name tagged onto it, perhaps this could be a device aimed more at fitness enthusiasts.

The report further speculates that this could also be Samsung’s way of weaning themselves off the Gear branding, like the Gear Active, in favour of the Galaxy Watch Active. Not much is known about the watch at the moment other than the possibility that it could be a wearable aimed at active users.

However, Samsung has confirmed that they are hosting an event on the 20th of February for the Galaxy S10, so there is a chance we could learn more about this device then as well.

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