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There are only two types of smartphones—iPhones and the rest. You agree with me right? Ever since the launch of the iPhone, it has played a major role in the way we use a smartphone today. Flaunting an unrivalled speed and excellent performance, the iPhone is supremely reliable and exactly what you would want to revolutionize your digital world.

The unparalleled success of the iPhone unarguably has proven that no consumer electronics company has captured the public’s fascination the way Apple has. Over the years Apple has transformed into more than just a company or corporation to a representation of a lifestyle or culture and a status symbol complete with a larger fan base than some celebrities. However, before the iPhone revitalized the company in 2007, Apple had a rich and storied history. Here are 7 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Apple;

Quick, grab a chocolate bar and dive into a world of interesting historical facts…

The First Apple Logo Featured Isaac Newton

Although the “bitten apple” is Apple’s most well known, the very first Apple logo featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple about to hit his head. Though legend has it that he was literally hit on the head with an apple, hence leading to the concept of gravity. The “Newton” logo was designed by one of Apple’s co-founder Ronald Wayne, the guy who sold his stake to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for $800. Ouch! Patience pays.

The logo was only used briefly in 1976 since its high level of detail didn’t really show up well when shrunk down and stuck on a product. The rainbow apple which followed was designed by Rob Janoff and remained the symbol of the company for many years until the simpler monochromatic apple logo was introduced in 1998.

The iPhone Trademark Was Originally Owned by Cisco

Initially, the iPhone trademark was owned by Cisco who had created its “Cisco iPhone” 22 days before the iPhone was launched and as such, it never stopped Apple from calling its new invention, the iPhone. After it was unveiled in 2007, both firms settled their dispute and promised to collaborate together on products though the fruit of that cooperation hasn’t yielded till date.

The Apple 1 Cost $666.66

Though the high prices of Apple’s current set of computers have been among critics’ biggest complaints, historically Apple products have always boasted of a higher price tag. In fact, considering inflation, the Apple 1 would have been more expensive than some newer versions back in the day. The Apple 1 wasn’t priced at $666.66 (N241,997.58) with any satanic association but rather because it was just easier to type.

The Invention of the Year Award

In 2007, iPhone won the covetous award of Invention of the Year” by Times Magazine. With a superior design to die for, powerful OS and an impressive performance at a very fast speed, fans and experts had just been swept off their feet with the device and could only reward the brand for such brilliance.

The Secret Behind 9.41

Have you ever wonder why iPhone ads always show 9.41 time? Well, this is because the late Steve Jobs had introduced the first iPhone at exactly the same time in 2007. Apple designs their keynotes so that when the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation, it is in-sync with the actual time shown on the audience’s watches.

The Original iPhone featured a Curved Glass Display

Apple has always been known to experiment with its iPhone’s hardware design process and the notably the first iPhone wasn’t an exception. The device flaunted a curved glass display that was ultimately abandoned because the process of cutting the glass was too expensive at the time.

The iPhone Processors Are Made by Samsung

Despite numerous lawsuits between the two smartphone giants, they remain important partners. Though Apple has tried to lessen its reliance on Samsung recently, the bulk of its devices’ processors are still manufactured by Samsung.


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