Seven things you didn’t know about NETFLIX


NETFLIX has been in Nigeria for some time now and it is no news that one of Nollywood’s finest – Genevieve Nnaji, recently became the first to have an original Nigerian film (LIONHEART) on Netflix, paving the way for films like CHIEF DADDY.

Anyway, I am not here to tell you about Nigerian NETFLIX movies, but to enlighten you about the streaming service. Below are seven things you didn’t know about NETFLIX;

• Netflix has been around longer than Google. Netflix was established as a subscription service in 1997. Google was founded in 1998.
• In 2000, Netflix was offered to Blockbuster for $50 million which they declined. Netflix is currently worth $20 billion.
• Netflix is available in nearly 50 countries.
• The most watched show on Netflix is Breaking Bad which is regarded as the greatest television series ever.
• Netflix employees can take as many days off as they want… Chill first before you quit your job for this one lol, there is a clause to it they have to arrange it in advance and don’t just swan off whenever they like, of course.
• Netflix has its own award called Flixies.
• Interestingly, one of the world’s most wanted jobs is offered by Netflix, all that is required is to stay at home and watch the content they purchased and/or produced then tag it with words from a pool of 1,000 keywords. The process of tagging is to improve the service’s video recommendations called Netflix Quantum Theory.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

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