She-Hulk And Moon Knight Are Coming To Disney+ Shows


    Disney is reportedly preparing two more characters that will be showcasing in the freshly announced Ms. Marvel

    The Marvel family is getting additional series, and this time around it is focusing on new set of female and male characters, although not entirely strange, considering that they share similarities with some of the already existing Marvel characters.

    Like the regular Hulk in previous marvel movies, one of the two new characters is a she-Hulk, while the other one which seems to share no form of similarities with any of the Marvel existing characters is called by the name Moon Knight.

    Both Characters are are reportedly heading to Disney+ to star in their own separate TV series. The announcement was officially made by Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige who announced on Friday, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

    In the forthcoming series, Jennifer Walter will be playing the role of She-Hulk, and according to the story, will be a cousin to the original Hulk, Bruce Banner. By the new story, Walters had reportedly received a blood transfusion from Banner, and as a result, has accidentally took in some of his gamma poisoning and became an intelligent, controlled iteration of the Hulk.

    According to the verge, Moon Knight on the other hand is about a mercenary named Mark Specter who was left for dead in the Egyptian desert.

    While describing the character, Marvel portrays Moon Knight as a man “struggling with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations” who acts like a cloaked avenger.

    While the announcement only focus on a brief background story of the duo characters, there is no details about other casting and roles in the forthcoming series. However, information reaching us from insiders suggest that the series will be integrated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Also, the three series will be part of the lineup programs for the about to launch Disney+

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