Shooting 8k Videos on the Galaxy S20 will Consume 600MB Per Minute

8k videos on the Samsung Galaxy S20 requires 600mb per minute

Samsung S20 has redefined resolution for mobile video, taking 4k all the way up to 8k. It’s definitely a plus for so many but it came with it’s downsides. Smartphones’ own nightmare, storage problems.

8k videos on the Galaxy S20 requires 600mb per minute

Alongside the many amazing specs of the Samsung Galaxy S20, 8k videos seems to be the most astounding of all. Well, arguably. Although, this feature screams awesome, it also comes with the dreaded nightmare of most smartphone users, storage hassles.

Videos shot at 8k on the Samsung Galaxy S20 will consume about 600MB per minute which will pose a great deal of problems where storage is concerned, asides from storage, recording time will be capped at 5 minutes and shots will be reduced to 24fps as opposed to higher frame rates like 30fps or 60fps.

Samsung’s solution to that problem is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with the highest possibility. The phone features 512GB internal storage and supports up to 1TB micro SD card, leaving you with a cutting edge maximum of 1.5TB when combined.

Such massive storage might not be totally available once the phone accounts for applications and operating system, it will still be enough for  a couple dozens of 8k videos.



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