Simple tips to hide media contents on your Android phones


Most android users reading this article may not be aware of this simple tip to encrypt media contents on their Android phones

sometimes locking your media contents with the app locks is not safe enough, why, because your password may easily be hacked or even disclosed by user unconsciously to a second party who may handle some of your vital information recklessly. How about trying a method that does not even leave traces that you have anything hidden on your android smart phone. someone reading this maybe wandering what strange method this could be, probably because you think you know everything about your phone settings.

Hiding a folder on your android phones is not a strange thing, but however may be something oblivion to most users. So, for the benefit of someone reading this who is yet to be aware of this simple tips, below is a detailed way to hide contents on your android mobiles.

  • Firstly, go to you file storage and click on either your device storage or external disk storage
  • create a new folder
  • move all media content you do like to keep private into the newly created folder
  • click on the folder for setting option, and click on the ‘rename folder’ option(after renaming the folder, ensure that you start the new name with the ‘*’ icon) this way the content is no longer visible
  • if you want to ensure that you did not leave any trace at all, then go to ‘my file’ settings and unmarked ‘show hidden files’ option

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